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Meet Mrs. Kiara Streater — 2024 Top National & International CEO — Honoree

We are proud to shine a light and honor an extraordinary woman who is breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings while supporting and elevating others on a local, national, and international level.

We recognize a woman who’s at the top of their game, an influencer in their community and who represents strength, power, positivity, tenacity, and inclusion. Mrs. Kiara Streater’s story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Beyond her success as a successful entrepreneur, this recent Black History Month Honoree is a true philanthropist at heart. She is married to her high school sweetheart “Mr. Julius Streater” and they have three beautiful children, Imani, JR, and Kareem who is number one source of inspiration.

Mrs. Kiara Streater Picture
Mrs. Kiara Streater

Kiara Streater is one of the most impactful and influential leaders of this decade and one of South Carolina’s native most successful entrepreneurs; few have faced and survived more obstacles than Mrs. Kiara Streater with a tenacious spirit and half of fame work ethic she founded Extraordinary Headhunters LLC and Extraordinary Healing Wellness LLC, (Certified Minority and Woman Owned empire) with her husband Mr. Julius Streater and mother-in-law, “Brenda Streater in 2018.

She’s a global award winner with over 15 years of firsthand expertise optimizing multibillion-dollar businesses with a proven consistency in revenue and profit. Her expertise includes creating market opportunities, growth-driven strategies, and implementing sophisticated research-based solutions. In 2015 while sharing her testimony of overcoming being homeless, she spoke over her life that she would create a staffing agency one day,, in 2018 she made her dreams a reality, generating over 16 million plus for her organization, creating over 10,000 jobs, serving companies nationwide, providing millions in college scholarships, sponsoring young children modeling careers financially, investing in over 20 models to walk in NYFW, winning countless of awards, and her biggest success was during the pandemic, she created a Give Back Fund to help other businesses who were impacted by Covid. She was able to empower and employ all of her family, paying six figure salaries, she covered over 100 funerals in 2021, and what started as a dream, has grown into a global empire. She is a graduate from Harvard Business School & Wharton School of Business

She believes in using her platform to make a positive impact on society and works tirelessly to combat hunger and empower communities in need. “Mrs. Streater” has an influential advocate for children and those in need, as a champion for diversity and inclusion in the staffing industry she continues to push the boundaries on success. Simply through being compassionate, caring and charitable, Kiara Streater has made an astronomically successful career for herself, being a trailblazers at the top of her field, serving as a global role model for so many. We selected this phenomenal woman who leads by example and inspires others to be extraordinary as our 2024 Honoree. She is a role model who inspires others to go further, making an impact across her company, community, and industry consistently and we are so excited to see what’s next for her!


2024 Richland 2 — Black History Month Honoree

2023 Best Staffing Agency In S.C. –

Success Magazine’s Global Women of Influence 2022 Winner

Columbia Regional Business

Phenom Winner 2022

Juneteenth Changemaker Honoree — Honorable Mayor Walker 2022

Brainz CREA Global Honoree 2022

Top Global Companies In The World Winner — India

2021 Business Spotlight Honoree (Business Spotlight Program, City of Columbia) Proclamation Issued

Sheen Magazine Awards 2021 — Business Acumen

Women of Influence 2021(Columbia Regional Business Report)

Front Page Cover (Sheen Magazine)

Induction at Marquis Who’s Who

One of the most influential woman entrepreneurs in the world — By The Success Talks

Business proclamation for outstanding professional services- By Columbiasc

Successful Top SC Women In Business- By Green VilleBusinessmag

2021 Women Of Influence- By Columbia Business Report

2021 Business Acumen Winner –By Sheen Magazine

Silent Heroes Honoree 100.1 beat- By TheBeatcolumbiaiheart

35 And Under — Best and Brightest- By Columbia Business Monthly


2022 Most Admired CEO (Nominated)

2022 Healthiest Employers of Greater Charlotte Awards (Nominated)

Inc.’s Female Founders 100 Awards (Nominated)

Best Places to Work in SC (Nominated)

Better Business Bureau — Large Business of The Year Winner

Batesburg Native Community Honoree — Proclamation Issued



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